Disney Trip Planning: Gay Days

Yum yum, acceptance cookies!

Yum yum, acceptance cookies!

Disney Parks are a place for everyone; young and old, short and tall, straight and LGBT! The reason I mention that last one is because, just like the Dapper Day event in the parks I mentioned in my last post, there is also an unofficial event in the parks called Gay Days! This event is loosely organized by an outside group, and isn’t affiliated with the Walt Disney Company, but it usually takes place in the Walt Disney World Parks and surrounding areas during the first week of June in Walt Disney World, and in California on other announced dates on the Gay Day Anaheim official site!

The event officially started in Walt Disney World in the early 90s and had about 3,000 attendees then, but recently that number has grown to over 150,000 participants!  Disneyland used to have one night a year where they hosted a private party for gays and lesbians, but that got cancelled in 1998, so instead Gay Day Anaheim was formed to follow suite with what they were organizing over in Walt Disney World.


Gay Days Anaheim

With great milestones happening in the States with LGBT rights, there is reason for those individuals as well as their supporters, family, and friends to celebrate, and where better to celebrate than the Happiest Place on Earth!? The event is usually held over the course of a few days; one day per park so everyone can experience the parks together if they choose! For Walt Disney World, the calendar of events can be found here. There are also other meet ups over the course of the day at other non-Disney locations, so it’s worth checking out the calendar if you plan on attending! Like Dapper Day, if you plan on joining the event, there are discount group rates for tickets and room rates which you can sign up for by checking out their respective websites!

(Of course, there are certain groups that can’t mind their own business who protest the event. So expect it, but don’t let that bring you down.) Also, calling Disney and asking for information on the event, they wont be able to give it to you since it isn’t a Walt Disney Company organized event, so visit the sites below for that!

 gaydays3Leagaydays2rn more about Gay Days in Walt Disney world at: http://www.gaydays.com/

and Gay Days in Disneyland (and surrounding Anaheim areas): http://www.gaydaysanaheim.com/

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