Top 5: Life Lessons You Shouldn’t Learn From Cinderella

When I originally did my historical look at Snow White, I took the time to examine the film, what it taught us, and maybe poke fun at it a bit. I ended up writing a post titled “Top 5 Life Lessons You Shouldn’t Learn From Snow White”. I had a great time writing it and all of the lessons seemingly fit. While taking a look at Cinderella last week, I learned that these life lessons gone wrong tend to be much more prominent in princess stories,, possibly because they directly deal with humans. Regardless, I found more life lessons that I wanted to share! So here are my top 5 life lessons you shouldn’t learn from Disney’s Cinderella.

Mice can't really make dresses

Mice can’t really make dresses

#5-Dear parents, if your child doesn’t want to marry, that’s okay! The Prince doesn’t want to marry and all the King can think is how he won’t ever have grandchildren. Granted, he is royalty and if the Prince doesn’t have children, the bloodline would be lost and the ruling of the kingdom would go to someone else, but I don’t think that part of it is really explained. I think the King just wants his Prince Charming to go out there and find himself a lady to mate with. That’s inappropriate on the Kings behalf. All parents beware!

#4-Mice and birds will not help you clean the house no matter what you sing. I thought we went over this with Snow White! Animals, whether they are from the forest or a barn, are not going to help you sing or clean or fix up a dress or really anything except for eat your food and poop in your house. Unless they are house trained and your family has adopted an animal as a pet, don’t let them in the house because it will just end badly for you and your animal friends.

Godmothers can be crazy!

Godmothers can be crazy!

#3-Beware of old ladies promising she can turn mice into horses. Godmothers are great. I enjoy spending time with those who have seen me grow up or people who have been close with my family for years. That being said, I ‘m sure if my godmother saw my clothes were a wreck and I needed a ride to the ball, I could get fixed up nice and get one. There is no need to start changing animals into other animals and turn pumpkins into carriages. That’s crazy talk and your godmother doesn’t need to help you, she needs help of her own. She probably belongs in an asylum.

#2-Glass is not a stylish nor comfortable footwear. Speaking of that Fairy Godmother of yours, if she gets you glass slippers, return them! That sounds like the worst walk you’ll ever take. There are so many other types of footwear that are much more comfortable, stylish, and still unique. I’d also be afraid of breaking my shoe because, you know, it’s freaking glass. If that’s the case, the shoe breaks and you get jabbed in the foot with a piece of broken glass and you are bleeding everywhere. Now try having an enjoyable evening at the ball falling in love! The only thing you’ll be thinking about is if you can get to a doctor quickly.

Don't send a Duke to do a Prince's job

Don’t send a Duke to do a Prince’s job

#1-After falling in love, remember more than the love of your life wearing a glass shoe. Guys, I know sometimes we are dumb, but after deciding that you’ve found the love of your life during a whimsical time dancing in the moonlight, be sure to get more than just the ridiculous glass slipper that fell off of her by mistake. Be sure to remember what she looks like, or at the very least, get her name. It seems silly that you wouldn’t send your Duke out on a goose chase with nothing but a shoe that will only fit on one person’s foot. Plus, how do you know it only fits one foot? Maybe there are multiple women with the same size foot! Giving him a name or a look to go along with the shoe might help speed up the process a bit. Also, for the record, why didn’t the Prince go out to find her? What kind of things is he doing all day that he can’t just go out and find her? He just met the love of his life but can’t go searching for her? Ladies, if a man sends another man to find you so that he can marry you, either he had better have an amazing explanation or he is just plain lazy. Don’t marry a lazy prince!

Any other lessons from Cinderella? Comments? Suggestions? Leave your thoughts below! I hope you enjoy this series and with more princess films to come, I’m sure I will have more to talk about.

Josh Taylor


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