Disney Trip Planning: Building the Excitement

Patience is a virtue right? Maybe, but I get super excited about vacations, especially Disney vacations. Unfortunately for most of us outside of the Orlando/Anaheim areas, we can’t just go to the parks on a whim. We have to purchase plane tickets and hotel reservations months in advance. It’s at that point that we add our countdown to our calenders and we start saving our pennies for our upcoming vacation. The anticipation of looking at your calender every day might be causing some Disneyitis (That’s a real disease I just made up!) so it’s best to ease your tension and build the excitement by doing some Disney-esque activities. Here are some that I enjoy doing:

Birbaum has great guides!

Birnbaum has great guides!


Read a Guide (or Unofficial Guide). There are tons of book stores everywhere and one of the categories at most of them is “Travel”. In this section you can usually find some books about Disney Parks, no matter the destination. Grab one, if you have the extra cash, and give it a good read. If you are up for it, meet with everyone going on your trip and highlight the attractions you HAVE to check out. It’s a great book to take along with you on your trip as well so you can read it over while you are driving or flying to your destination.

Watch the “Behind the Scenes” series: Netflix has a great series that once aired on cable television. You can find this collection of television specials at Amazon as well if you’d like to own it. These backstage looks and stories from Imagineers really helps members of your party know the parks better without giving much away, but it’s got some great information for the annual traveler as well that you may not know. It’s a fun way to kill an evening or weekend afternoon while building excitement.

Elitch Gardens in Denver is a fun spot!

Visit Your Local Amusement Park: Although Disneyland and Walt Disney World are the creme de la creme as far as amusement/theme parks go, local parks are a fun way to blow off that Disneyitis. If you are within driving distance, take a summer weekend day and make the trip. You won’t find the mouse there but you’ll still have a good time. Plus you may find yourself a fun new hangout. I know many people who refuse to visit any park unless it has Disney in it’s name but these local parks have histories and stories and great attractions too.

Watch Disney Films: Who doesn’t love a good viewing of Aladdin but do you know what makes it better? Watching Aladdin 2 weeks before your vacation! It builds excitement and to make this idea even better, watch the movies of characters you want to have Meet and Greet moments with or watch one Disney movie every evening for “x” amount of days leading up to the day before your vacation! You can also listen to your favorite film soundtracks on Spotify or Pandora!

Visit The Disney Store: If you are lucky enough to have a Disney Store in your town, get there! Stand in the store and pretend that you are on Main Street USA shopping in the Emporium. If you are a pin or vinyl collector, grab a new piece and put it with your collection. Maybe you need a new Disney shirt for your trip. Maybe you just want to play with the stuffed animals. Whatever your favorite thing to shop for is, getting a little Disney at the Disney Store can be a lot of fun.

It's not the Emporium, but it's still Disney

It’s not the Emporium, but it’s still Disney

Virtually Ride on YouTube In the last few years, something pretty awesome happened. The fine folks that celebrate Disney on the internet decided that filming first person on Disney attractions would be fun to upload onto the internet. The biggest gathering of videos on the internet is YouTube and if you type in any attraction, you are sure to find the ride through of it. Enjoy yourself by riding some of your favorite attractions or those attractions you might think your group is too afraid of. This may spoil some of the surprises for you but you can keep the big surprises from yourself if you have the will power

Enjoy Sites Like This: We are one of many sites made by Disney fans and dedicated to bringing a little Disney magic to your home. We do our best and we enjoy reading some of the other blogs and listening to some of the other podcasts that are out there while we gear up for our vacations. Do check out the rest of our site as well as others because you may be surprised how may are out there. We haven’t even seen them all yet and there are new ones always becoming a part of the scene.

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