Top 5: Worst Places to Lose Your Lunch at Disneyland

Okay, so you saw the title! Let’s all stare at the elephant in the room. Sometimes your stomach and you don’t get along and you need to make a run for the nearest porcelain throne. It happens to everyone, young or old. It’s unfortunate but on a daily basis, people upchuck at Disneyland and some of them don’t make it to the bathroom or anywhere that might not make we want to throw up when I see them. I’ve seen it, and it’s not a pretty site when a 7 year old that just ate cotton candy decides his stomach has had enough for the day. Even I’m ashamed to say that I’ve gotten sick while at Disneyland, as a child and as an adult…but I didn’t let it ruin my fun because I didn’t do it the worst places possible. What are the worst places possible? Here are my top 5 worst places to lose your lunch at Disneyland.


#5-Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. Unlike the Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland, this Roger Rabbit attraction won’t spin unless you really want it to. Sure you want to turn to see all the great stuff within this dark ride, but do you really want to spin around the whole time after you just scarfed that churro and lemonade in line. (Seriously, churros are my favorite though.) Also, because it’s up to you, it’s also up to whomever your riding with. If you have a jerk for a friend of if your spouse is mad at you for not allowing her to get her picture taken with hunky Captain Jack Sparrow, you better have brought a bucket because it’s go time pal. This one can get scary, but because of it’s “create your own puking adventure” game, it only scores #5 on the list.

#4-Anywhere on Main Street U.S.A. Everyone starts and ends their day on Main Street U.S.A. We enter the main gate waiting for that first glimpse of Sleeping Beauty Castle or we exit the park, moving from shop to shop looking for the perfect souvenir for the trip home. What if both of those experience are ruined by a stomach bug. So you’ve been sheep herded through the turnstiles, you walk through the square and turn the corner to see Sleeping Castle only to lose it right in front of the guy selling Mickey ear balloons. What worse start to a day could there possibly be? Or who wants that memory of the last thing to happen to them at Disneyland as they pass the Emporium is to vomit all over themselves and cry as they hear “When You Wish Upon a Star” exiting the park. You’d better wish upon some serious laundry detergent and maybe a hot shower because you just embarrassed yourself in front of everyone you know and you more than likely stink.

upchuck 1

#3-Star Tours. This is my mother’s favorite ride, and for good reason. She has come to terms with the fact that her stomach plus motion simulators equals a recipe for disaster. A disaster recipe that involves her, the breakfast she had, and a public restroom. Did I paint that picture clear enough? Star Tours is an amazing attraction, especially if your tummy doesn’t get all rumbly. New 3D elements were recently added to Star Tours as well as a new film during a revamp not too long ago. So if you didn’t have serious issues before now you do. Hopefully you don’t need to target lock that projectile onto any unknown spacecraft.

#2-Space Mountain. Uh oh! It’s dark and you just lost it. Is it in your lap? Is it on the person in front of you? Is it on the person behind you? It’s the worst guessing game you’ll ever play but sure enough, someone is going to lose and nobody will be a winner here. It could be the longest 3 minutes in the dark of your life, but if you see that you are clean and someone else got the bad end of the stick, my suggestion is to run and pretend nothing happened. Just run!

upchuck 2

#1-Mad Tea Party. You can’t stop it. Once you are in, you’re in for the long haul. The Mad Tea Party has to be the worst attraction to get sick on. It’s Russian Roulette for everyone on that ride. If one person takes that ship down, everyone is screwed. Who will it end up on? Probably a little bit of everyone. That’s the bad news bears here folks. Not only is it bad initially, but once you’ve decided to serve up a bit of your stomach soup to everyone on board, the spinning doesn’t stop. Does closing your eyes help? No! Does looking down help? No! You’ll probably throw up on your shoes that way. Does jumping from your tea cup help? It might….if death is your magic answer. Otherwise, you are probably going to feel sick again and again and again until you are dry heaving your way to the hall of shame deep inside your brain. What an unfortunate circumstance. I guess there is always next vacation right?

What’s your disgusting vomit story? Have you ever lost it at Disneyland or Disney World? What rides make you feel uneasy? Leave your comments and thoughts below! In the meantime, I hope I didn’t just make all of you throw up a little in your mouth. Also, I should have said to not eat for at least a half hour before reading this….or getting into a pool for that matter.

Josh Taylor


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  1. Yes!! Love this. Love everything about this. Now you need a rebuttal article: the BEST places to hurl!

  2. This post cracked me up! I got horribly sick once at Downtown Disney in Florida and ended up being ill in a pink, princess themed bathroom to the sounds of “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.” It was definitely not awesome! Good to get the elephant out of the room though–people get sick at Disney daily!

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