Disney Trip Planning: Getting Sick

So, you’ve been planning your vacation for months, looking forward to experiencing every detail of all the fun things you are going to do. You arrive at your destination, and sickmickeyBAM! you just came down with the worst illness of your life. This totally just happened to me. I was on vacation for 1 day and everything was going great when all of a sudden, well… I’m not going to get into too much detail here, but basically food-eating no longer became an option for me. While I was laying in bed trying to convince myself that I wasn’t going to puke all over myself, I thought, “This would make a great article!” So, here it is, what to do if you get sick while you are on your Disney vacation:

Obviously, there is many a way for one to be sick, so I will be including all of the flu-like symptoms, including the sniffles, vomiting, and everything in between.

First of all, stressing about being sick only makes things worse. I learned this very quickly on my own, because every time I thought about needing to feel better faster, I felt more sick. Just tell yourself that your body will get better in its own time.

Lucky for you, if you didn’t plan ahead and bring any meds that address sickness symptoms, all of the Disney Resort gift shops carry items to help you! So, if you’re feeling nauseous, pick up some Tums and/or Pepto and slowly sip ginger ale.  If you have a plain old cold, Sudafed and Alkaseltzer are key, along with cough medicine and cough drops and throat numbers. Got allergies? They have Benedryl and Claratin! They also carry sleep aids, over-the-counter pain meds, and Immodium. Usually this stuff is sold behind the counter or with the food stuffs, so don’t give up if you don’t find it in the store right away.

If you are vacationing in the Disneyland Resort area, but not staying in Disneyland Hotel, Grand California, or the Paradise Pier hotel (the only 3 owned by the company), but are staying in a hotel close to the resort, you can either walk to one of these resorts to buy the items mentioned above or drive/walk/take a cab to one of the CVS or Walgreens drug stores located within a mile of the parks.

portorleansroyalroomsIf you are staying in one of the Disney Resorts, whether it be on the east or west coast, the great thing is that even the cheapest rooms, aka the Value Resorts, are comfortable. (Tip: it’s even better if you can upgrade to a “Preferred Room” because that will put you closer to the food court and gift shop!) If you ever get sick away from home, your comfort level is automatically compromised, but you’ll be happy to know that the cleanliness of Disney hotels is probably better than your own house! The beds and pillows are quality and if you need to hang your head over the toilet, you probably wont be staring at any gross left overs from the guests who stayed in your room previously (their plumbing is great, too, by the way.) Let yourself relax in bed, take a few deep breaths, and watch some free television in your hotel room (just don’t watch Stacey tell you what the must-do Disney attractions are or you will just be sad that you might not be able to do them.)

Disney Resort hotels also offer room service (as will most other non-Disney hotels – but I wouldn’t count on it if you are staying at some cheap-o motel). You should probably eat even if you feel like you can’t keep food down, and if you are left alone in your room, this might be the best option.stacymustdo

The great thing about the most magical place on Earth is that the Cast Members (the employees of the Disney Parks) are always trying to help and make their guests feel like they are one in a million. I’ve heard great stories of Cast Members going above and beyond to help a guest in need – whether you are sad, crying, or keeled over. This might mean someone going out of their way to bring you some Pepto Bismol to your room if you aren’t feeling up to going to get it yourself.

A great tip for someone traveling with someone else on a Disney vacation is: yes, you should take care of them, but if they tell you to go have fun at the parks, then you should listen to them and go have fun at the parks on your own (at least some of the day.) If you don’t, then the person you are with who is sick will just feel bad and that will probably make them feel worse. Don’t make them feel worse. Feel better together and go have fun!

Feel free to leave your sick stories below or if you have any remedies I didn’t add to this article.

Angie Carreiro

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  1. Thankfully I haven’t been sick on any recent visits, but when I was two I came down with the chicken pox our first day in the parks. My mom still talks about how amazing the CMs were in contacting a doctor and scheduling them to see me in our resort room that same day. More recently, my sister slipped and sprained her wrist while walking through her resort and the CMs immediately got her medical help and wrapped her wrist up properly.

    It sucks to be sick at Disney after waiting so long for a vacation, but at least the CMs are awesome and help you in any way possible!

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