Top 5: Meet and Greet Characters

Meeting Disney characters is a must for every visit to Disneyland Resort, even for the local Annual Passholders. Nothing beats having a few good moments with some of my favorite Disney princesses and fun with Alice and the Mad Hatter. There are many characters to see and to meet inside the park but I am going to share my top five “meet and greet” Disney characters.
Meet and Greet 2
#5-Disney Princesses. Ok, before you badger me and tell me I’m a complete fool for putting any and all Disney Princess in the number five slot, hear me out. Any young girl, excuse me, young princess going to Disneyland will love seeing a fairy tale princess. Having said that, all my experiences are short and not as magical. Princesses tend to get stiff upper lips when a guy comes to take a picture with them (in my experience). My guess is they think I just want a picture with a good looking lady and — lets face it — that is at least 75% true for guys taking pictures with a princess! But seriously guys, when was the last time you thought Princess Aurora (from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) was such an awesome role model for you and for love?

#4-Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Again I can already hear you reprimanding me for this list. I can just picture you getting all steamed up, just like Donald Duck. The thought that the two most famous characters are not number one let alone in the top three!!?! Let’s think about this though. Mickey and Minnie always have the longest line. That means you get in, get a hug, autograph, picture, maybe a kiss and then you are on your way. While that is all great, where is the fun and memorable interaction?! I don’t just want to shake the mouse’s hand and move on! These are great characters –but the line is not worth the picture and the $15 it will cost me to get a nice print. Moving on.
Meet and Greet
#3-Cruela De Vil. “A villain!!, you say angrily at your computer screen!! However, I have never seen a villain so animated and engaging in my entire life at Disneyland. I have seen her walk away in the middle of the picture to go talk to people in the line just as snidely as she is in the movies. Never sitting still, never keeping her thoughts all truly together. She talks to you and does her best not to put you down because of those awful shoes you are wearing. Meeting Cruela is an experience I will happily wait in line for her every time I go to Disneyland. Oh, by the way do NOT tell her what type of dog you have.

#2-Alice & Mad Hatter. You might be wondering why there are two characters for the number two slot. You never see these two apart from each other and they make such a great team! Your sides will be splitting at the end of every meet and greet. They also have a few rounds of musical chairs at the Coke-A-Cola corner that is fun to see and participate in if you can pull off being a small child. These two are pranksters in the off-season. If you follow them around, you are sure to have a great time. Meeting Alice and the Mad Hatter is a must do every Disneyland visit.
Meet and Greet
#1-Pluto. Yes, Pluto. Mickey’s loveable pet and man’s best friend. This curious bloodhound is by far my favorite Disney character to meet and is a must every time I go. For interaction, playfulness and probably the best hugs I have ever received from any character. There have been times where I have chased Pluto and he has chased me. We have danced to the Five and Dime singing in DCA and once had a kung fu fight on Main Street USA! So next time you are at Disneyland and you see Pluto with a nice short line, let go of any fears, find the child within and have a great time with Pluto! Be sure to take pictures or maybe a video!!

What are some of your favorite characters to meet and greet? Leave your stories and experiences down below!

Ryan Brown


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  1. Ryan! This was such a great article! I agree 100% on Alice, though when I met her in Walt Disney World, she was actually with the white rabbit! I would love to see the way she interacts with the mad hatter either in Disneyland or if they mix it up with the east coast park! My favorite is how they ride the tea cups with a guest before they settle to one spot for a meet and greet!

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