Disney Trip Planning: Unplanned Memories

Getting ready

She was taking what felt like forever, but as a fellow image-conscious girl I understood her dilemma. That night we were going to Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Disney-MGM Studios at the time, and still always known as this in my heart), a park that, as teenage girls, we thought was “our scene.” Of course she wanted to look her best, so she decided that night she would take a good, solid, loooong 30 minutes or so to straighten every single strand of her long, thick, wavy hair. I was ready to go back to the park from our hotel room well before she decided to do her hair and the anticipation of knowing a rock ‘n roll themed coaster with catchy songs that intrigued my rebellious side (not to mention that it went super fast!) and an almost unpredictable hotel elevator that would pull me down faster than the speed of gravity were awaiting our arrival, was more than enough to get me frantically pacing.

“COME ON! LET’S GO ALREADY!” I jokingly yelled through clenched teeth!

“I’M MOVING AS FAST AS I CAN!” She mimick-ingly replied.

“YOU’RE TAKING FOREVER!” I was only half joking, now.

Mind you, the park would be closing for the day in only a few hours time at this point.

Rock and Roller Coaster

She was finally ready to go, but the frustration still hadn’t fully left my system. We WAITED for the bus to pick us up, then WAITED for the bus to drive us there, then “WAITED” during our walk to the famous dual ride entrance area… only our journey was suddenly cut short. No, not because of lines, or crowds, or a tempting need to buy a bag of popcorn from the cart near the Sorcerer’s Hat, but because, as Florida weather is sure to do, it started to downpour. Full-on rain showers I’m talking here. Not even a few warning drops either. Crowds of people scattered – it was mid-August, mind you, so you can imagine the crowd levels. But we didn’t make a run for the indoor-coaster, no, we did something I hadn’t done before during my WDW vacations; we DIDN’T take cover like the rest of the crowds when it started to rain. Instead, without saying a word, we looked at each other, opened up our arms, started laughing giddily, and impulsively started to spin around. It wasn’t by our own choice either, we somehow by some sort of Disney magic had the same idea; it was what needed to be done! Gepetto (or perhaps it was Walter E. Disney) had us by puppet strings and we were dancing in the rain. We were dancing in the rain in the middle of an empty MGM Studios theme park. We were plie-ing and twirling and prancing and running and leaping and frolicking. We were hysterical.

For the minutes we danced in the rain, the whole park was ours. I forgot about how long I had to wait for her to get ready, I forgot about riding Rock ‘N Roller Coaster, I forgot about trying to look too cool for school.


The rain stopped and we started walking to the ride and overheard 2 teenage boys talking about how they’d missed Hannah Montana in the parks the previous week. They were pretty devastated by it. This conversation was only the frosting on the cake.

We got in line for the attraction and I suddenly, cockily, (and cleverly?) said, “So, I guess you shouldn’t have straightened your hair.”

I’ve said it before and will probably say it again every time someone talks about what they should do during their Disney vacation – the best memories you take home with you are the things you didn’t plan for. It’s moments like these that are not only fleeting, but mean more because we were able to be uninhibited and embrace them.

I’d like to share more moments like these with you in upcoming blog entries to show you all what I mean by “plan for not having a plan” or at least being able to let go of the plans you did have to make way for new, unexpected opportunities. It’s also important to be a kid again in Disney, because where else is that always appropriate?

What are some moments like this you’ve had during your past WDW or Disneyland vacations?

Angie Carreiro


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  1. lol. Loved it! And I remember it too.

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