Top 5: Ways to Know You’re Disney Obsessed

If you’ve ever visited this site before, you know that I’m into Disney, like way too into Disney. My family knows it. My friends know it. My coworkers know it. All of them make fun of me, but I don’t care because I’m actually quite proud to be a Disney geek. What about you? Are you a Disney geek? Some people will openly admit to me that they love Disney, especially when I open up to them, but for others, they may not realize how much they actually love Disney. They might “like” Disney, but they would never say they love Disney, or admit that their favorite vacations were at the theme parks or that their favorite movie is the Mighty Ducks or Sleeping Beauty. Anyways, you’ve thought about it. So here are the top 5 ways to know you are Disney obsessed.

Disney Obsessed

#5-You are reading this article. If you’ve had thoughts about loving Disney and you found this article through Google, Facebook, or some other media source, chances are you are obsessed. You might be a closet Disney-phile, but you are secretly obessed. Posted on Reddit and you clicked on it because you are curious? Nope, you aren’t curious, you actually have a small child inside of your mind that said, “Yes, this is for me!!!” (You can’t leave off any of the exclamations, it expresses how excited your inner child is.) It’s not uncommon to see a 56-year-old man wearing a classic Mickey Mouse shirt at Disneyland smiling and laughing. So no matter your gender, age, or ethnicity, you can be Disney obsessed and that’s okay. Go ahead and read on because you are already here, you might as well read the rest.

#4-You are a Disney travel agent for everyone. If you know more than the casual Disney traveler and someone has asked you for advice when booking a Disneyland, Walt Disney World, or other Disney vacation, you are probably obsessed. Not in the same way that you could beat anyone at a game of Disney Trivial Pursuit, but in a way where people will turn to you for advice because you’ve been before and have talked about Disney as one of your favorite desitinations. If you are volunteering information without people even asking you, then you’re even deeper into this because you are thrusting yourself into the travel agent position. I’ve done this. Someone at work says they are going and I have to bite my tongue so that I don’t give them my 25 tips for the theme parks, I’ll leave that to Angie Carreiro and her Monday articles! (Sorry for the promotion, I just had to.)

Disney Obsessed

#3-You own and watch a plethora of Disney animated classics. If you have a shelf of films, either the classic VHS, DVDs, or Blu-Rays, dedicated to Disney films and you own a good amount, let’s say 10 or more, you might have a problem. The other side of it is that you own these and watch these films, even if a child isn’t present. If you pull The Jungle Book off of the shelf on a Wednesday night and pop that on the television while you have dinner, that’s a good indication that you are reading this for a reason. Even geekier Disney nerds would place a Disney film in their top 5 films of all time.

#2-You attend midnight premieres of Disney films. Got plans to attend Monsters University at midnight with a few of your friends? Yeah, you are obsessed. If you’ve been to see all of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and Marvel films at midnight, you may not know it, but you are into Disney, just not the conventional animated way. So for those of you saying that Marvel doesn’t count, you are lying to yourself because in the opening credits the film clearly says “Disney Pictures”. If you went to the midnight premiere of a Disney animated feature or you went to see a premiere at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you are even more hardcore than I am and you should pat yourself on the back and simply admit that you are a geek and just love it.

Disney Obsessed

#1- You find hidden mickeys in everyday life. If you are unfamiliar with hidden mickeys, they are the three circle, mouse head symbol that tends to be everywhere at the Disney parks. That’s great if you are looking for them in the parks because you know of them and you have a good eye for them, but if you are pointing out hidden mickeys in everyday life you are the most obsessive of Disney fans. If you notice that some of the areas of your dashboard create a hidden mickey in your car, then you’ve thought way too much about your car and Disney together. I’ve found myself picking up a glass with condensation and seeing three rings intermingled creating the famous mouse picture. I’ll even say it out loud that I found a hidden mickey. People may look at me and wonder what I’m saying, but I know and that’s what matters. Some people may know what I’m talking about and they look over at me like we are in a secret club, or cult as I like to say. We have this eye contact as if we are some kind of Disney Illuminati. That moment is what I strive for and the reason I am proud to be Disney obsessed.

Are you Disney obsessed? Would you admit it to everyone you know? Do you fall into any or all of these categories? Give your thoughts and comments and keep the conversation going.

Josh Taylor


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  1. I admit that I’m a Disneyphile and obsessed with Disney! And being a male in my 20’s doesn’t help matters much, but I don’t care!

  2. yep, that is me 🙂

  3. I do all of this, minus the midnight premiere stuff. I decided to count my Disney movies and found 85, would you say that’s a bit much? 😛

  4. Reblogged this on WDW Mousenger and commented:
    Great article on the symptoms of the Disney obsessed! A fun read!

  5. Love this! Especially the hidden mickey’s! I am doing that all the time! I can usually find some way to tie Disney into almost every conversation.

  6. I decided a while back to avoid that urge to almost apologise for liking certain things. Especially when that certain thing is Disney – from the man himself to the dreams he wouldn’t stop at making come true… there shouldn’t be anything shameful about the Disney image. Let’s fight against the shame! 🙂

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