Disney Trip Planning: Beat the Heat

“Me mind on fire, me soul on fire feeling hot hot hot! Party people all around me feeling hot hot hot!…”

No, I’m not singing that famous party song we all know and love, I’m actually just quoting what I said during my last trip to WDW in the blazing Florida summer sun!
The summertime temperatures in the US Disney resort areas can be more brutal than you think, especially if you are from areas of the world that experience cooler temperatures year-round (I’m from Massachusetts and boy is there a drastic difference!). In Florida, temperatures in the summer sometimes stay in the 90s (my temperature language is always in Fahrenheit terms) and it’s not just hot, it’s muggy. The west coast Disneyland resort often experiences temperatures about the same, but it’s less muggy.

"It's like...Africa Hot out here!"

“It’s like…Africa Hot out here!”

When it comes to planning for an upcoming Disney vacation, you might not be considering this situation. Of course you know it’ll be hot and are happily packing your thong bikini bottoms, cut off short-jorts, and mesh tank tops in preparation for the summer sun, but there’s so much more to it that you need to think about to stay cool.
Not only is staying at not-boiling body temperatures a good thing for comfort reasons, it’s also going to make you able to last longer in the parks before getting too exhausted to do more, and it’s also safer in general – too much sun and heat to your body can be dangerous.

So, how do you stay cool? Here are some pointers:

1. Fan misters – these are handheld battery-powered fans atop a bottle filled with water and a handle you squeeze to squirt water at yourself. I realize it sounds awful by my description, but it’s actually pretty amazing. Once you mist the water is on your skin, the fan cools it down, BUT you can take it one step further by actually asking any cast member working a stand that has drinks and ice if you can have some ice to re-fill your bottle! You can then squirt ice water on yourself to cool off!

2. Umbrellas – when it’s not raining, use one to shade yourself from the sun (Warning: to other people you may look like a fool who doesn’t understand how umbrellas work)

"What? It's Not Even Raining?"

“What? It’s Not Even Raining?”

3. Drink lots of (warm) water – Did you know that if your body is hot and you drink ice cold water, your body actually gets hotter because your body then works harder? (Cold water is also not-so-great for digestion, and who wants that on a hot day?). If you can manage it, drink warm/room-temperature water in the heat to stay hydrated and cool.

4. Bring a towel/bandana in the parks – When it’s hot, go into the bathroom and run your bandana under cold water, ring it out, and place it on the back of your neck! You can even keep it on there and re-cold-waterify it, or flip it over as needed! They actually sell products online for this that hold the water more like a sponge.

5. Run cold water on the parts of your body where the blood is closest to the surface – My surefire way to cool down is running the bottoms of my wrists or the side of my arms opposite to my elbows under the coolest water I can find.

6. Cover up with lightweight and/or moisture wicking clothing – Having the sun beat down on your skin actually makes you hotter! Hats with visors fall into this category, too!

7. Plan your days around air conditioning – If possible try and do an every-other-sort-of-pattern with attractions outside versus inside/air-conditioned attractions. If you are really feeling the heat, step inside a shop or restaurant and take a minute to enjoy the cool air.

Wear Sweet Bandanas and Visors like these people!

Wear Sweet Bandanas and Visors like these people!

8. Take it easy – The parks were designed to really “take it all in” and you should do so. If you rush from place to place, you will wear yourself out and the heat will take advantage of that!

There are also the obvious choices like WDW’s water parks, Kali River Rapids, and Splash Mountain, or the west coast’s Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Rapids!

Also, here is what I hope is now stuck in your head because of my opening paragraph:

“Ole ole, ole ole!
Ole ole, ole ole!
Feeling hot hot hot!
Feeling hot hot hot!
Feeling hot hot hot!
Feeling hot hot hot!”

Angie Carreiro


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  1. On number 6…yes, light clothes are the best. If you are going to the park on a hot day, don’t wear denim anything. When you ride on a water ride, it gets wet and takes forever to dry. Better to wear a light khaki or similar outfit. And on that count…bring extra socks!

    My two cents…and thanks for the article.

  2. I agree with you 100% disneypostcards – great addition, I wish I would have mentioned that! But I still don’t follow my own rule, and always wear denim in the parks! Then I regret it, but still do it the next day! Maybe I’m addicted to it…

  3. Lots of great tips Angie! And people think I am weird with or without an umbrella.. lol

  4. Great post. Overheating in Florida can quickly kill a vacation.

    Target sells little hand-held fans in the camping section for a few dollars. The blades fold so you can stash it in your pocket when you’re not feeling hot, hot, hot!

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