Disney Trip Planning: Fashion vs. Comfort

I’m a girl. I hope that’s been obvious enough by now. But really what I’m trying to get at here is that I know how it is being a girl – I like making sure my hair is styled, not going out in public if my make-up isn’t done, and always wearing cute shoes. With that said, I have to say that when it comes to taking a Disney vacation, compromises must be made in order to be comfortable.


This post will mostly apply to girly things, but you men out there should feel free to keep reading, maybe this stuff applies to you, too! I won’t judge! Actually, I have always wondered if the Prince in Show White and the Seven Dwarfs wore lipstick, but if so, hey, more power to him!

So, when left up to choosing between either extreme from comfort to “fashion” in the parks, it’s always advisable to go with comfort. Of course you can either disagree with me and/or not take my advice here, but then you’ll probably end up with blisters all over your feet after the first morning of walking around the parks. But, hey, maybe that works for you!

There are some no-nos that are obvious here. Certain things are never a good idea  for the parks, like high heels, mini skirts, and sock with sandals (the latter is not necessarily for comfort reasons, it’s just because – no, please don’t, ever). But, there are also things you might not consider, like – how humidity will treat your hair, how sweat will make your make-up run (ewwww), and how those sneakers weren’t actually previously worn-in enough to be walking in for a full park day.

Fashion 1

So, now you’re like, “So, you want me to cover up these luscious locks with my boyfriend’s baseball cap, strap on some stinky old sneakers, and show off the bags under my eyes without wearing concealer?” My answer is – No! Part of the beauty of having gone to the parks about 10 times in my life is that I’ve learned some valuable lessons on these girly matters.

These solutions require a bit on compromise, but still wont require you to walk around in the oh-so criticized Crocs or reveal what all that make-up has been hiding!

Some tips include:

  Bring and wear a poncho on rides where you will get wet (like Splash Mountain) so your hair style doesn’t get ruined. Don’t let messing up your hair ruin your fun!

  Wear waterproof eyeliner, mascara, etc. Stuff that wont sweat off or run on water rides.

  Consider what shoes you will wear weeks before your trip and do a test “drive” long walk around your neighborhood before you commit to them for a whole day in the parks.

  Find cute versions of your shoe preferences that match more comfortable solutions. For example, I like wearing black flats, but none that I own would give me the right support for a full day of walking, but there are options out there.

  Wear big sunglasses if you don’t want to go make-up-less, but can’t seem to get it right.


  Avoid flip-flops which aren’t designed for comfort. (I think Crocs, some sports brands, and some knock-offs have good ones that are designed for comfort). I actually have a pair of Adidas flip-flops that I got at Dick’s Sporting Goods which I reserve just for my WDW trips!

  Don’t use skinny straps for purses and backpacks. By the end of the day, they will be digging into your skin.

  Dresses are fun and cute and girly, but you might want to consider wearing bike shorts underneath. Seriously, getting out of the Space Mountain ride vehicle in WDW would give the other riders a very un-flattering view of your crotch-ile-region.

 Just remember that even though you want to look your best in all of your vacation photos, nothing beats having the time of your life and not worrying about the way you look while on your Disney vacation! (I say this, but will probably never stop flat ironing my hair before going to Blizzard Beach)

Angie Carreiro

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