Disney Trip Planning: Where to Find Alcohol


Mickey? What are you doing?

This next blog post was actually sparked by a comment made on my last post from Colonel Brad (please let that be your real name). Mr. Colonel Brad states that he’s often questioned the availability of alcohol in the parks. Well, let me tell you, Mr. President Colonel Brad, as a young-adult-Modern-Mouse-keteer (I totally just made that up), I must say, I’ve “noticed” many an alcoholic beverage in the Florida D-World and West Coast resorts.

Let’s first get into alcohol availability in the resorts, then I’ll move onto what I think is the best way to go with it.

If you are looking for drinks in WDW, you wont find them for sale in Magic Kingdom (unless you want a glass of wine with dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland), but EPCOT is notorious for drunken-enthusiasts to “drink around the World” in World Showcase. There are even fan-created drinking games that encourage this sort of thing! MGM, Animal Kingdom, the water parks, and Downtown Disney also offer adult-drinks, but the same thrill of drinking in EPCOT tends not to apply here, (maybe if Downtown Disney’s nightlife scene comes back, it’ll get a little more appealing).

The California resort is sort of the same idea. You wont find alcohol in the more-innocent-atmosphere Disneyland park, but you will find it in California Adventure.

“Trader Sams” Disneyland Hotel

Resort hotels in both WDW and Disneyland have bars and restaurants serving mixed drinks, beer, and wine. Since we’ve been on a romantic kick with Josh, Keith, and Amanda’s last podcast discussion, I should also mention that restaurants offering wine let you purchase a bottle for the table for that special evening out (and if you don’t finish it at the table, you can take it and the romance back to the resort – bow-chica-wow-wow)!

Of course any drinks you get on Disney prope

rty are going to be like sixteen thousand times more expensive than you could make yourself at home, but not much more expensive than you might be paying back at home at a higher priced bar, restaurant, or event.

"La Cava Del Tequila" Epcot

“La Cava Del Tequila” Epcot

Now, I’m NOT saying that you should totally do this because it’s kind of completely awesome, but sort of and almost definitely against the rules, but it can be easy to sneak alcohol into the parks! As I mentioned above, WDW’s Magic Kingdom and Disneyland don’t have alcohol for sale in the parks, but YOU can have it in the parks when sneakily concealed as a water, Gatorade, or sugary drink in your bag. It’s also much cheaper this way. Be warned – there are security guards that check your bags, so any sign of alcohol smell might get you kicked out, and this goes for if they suspect you are drinking it while in the park as well!

As for the resorts – if you are looking for a poolside mixed drink, it’s actually cheaper to opt-out of the resort bar and instead buy a refillable cup for around $15, fill it half way with soda, and either a.) bring your own alcohol from home, or b.) buy a bottle of your favorite booze from any resort gift shop and mix away! It’ll save so much money if you are planning on drinking a lot. In restaurants this is not an option, though but in the resorts it’s legal!

So, all in all, there is alcohol to be had in Disney. That makes Mickey kind of badass, right?

Angie Carreiro

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