Disney Trip Planning: Things You Might Not Think To Pack

When it comes to planning your Disney vacation, packing becomes an event in itself. Not only does it mean that your trip is drawing near, but it also ends up feeling final, in a negative sort-of-way. The reason I use the word “final” is because what you are putting in that bag is literally everything you are going to have with you for the next week (or 3 days, or 2 weeks, etc., however long your vacation is). A sense of panic could set in because you might realize it’s too late once you’re taking a photo with Goofy and realize you forgot your ears! Or you could be like the angry dad I saw who forgot to take his Goofy ears off of his head while he was yelling at his kids. How silly he looked!

"Why are my kids laughing at me?"

“Why are my kids laughing at me?”

Anyways, when you are packing, of course you are going to bring shirts, pants, shoes, socks, cameras, first aid kits, etc., but there are also some things to bring that you might not think of bringing. I’ve compiled a list, and here are some of the items on it!

 1. Lysol Disinfectant Spray/Wipes – if you are super grossed out thinking about all of the other people that have walked on the carpet in your hotel room, touched the remote and doorhandles, etc…, or really just touched or laid on anything you are going to do the same with your bare skin, these products will give you some peace of mind. I use them the moment I enter my hotel room and feel better immediately, and I’m not even a clean-freak!

 2. Ziplock baggies – great to put your camera, phone, or other electronics in during rides like Splash Mountain, Kali River Rapids, Matterhorn, or other “You-might-get-wet” rides!  Also good to store your socks after they’ve gotten wet and you take them off, but don’t want them to rub up on other stuff in your bag!

 3. Re-usable Water Bottle with a filter – I talked about these in a previous post, but these are one of my favorite things to bring! Just don’t fill it before you get on a plane! (The ziplocks come in handy here too, so your water bottle doesn’t sweat on everything else in your bag!)

 4. Snacks – if you have a picky-eater or special dietary need, bringing your favorite snacks with you is a great option! I personally always make sure to buy a pack of juice-box-style Soymilk and Luna Bars!

 5. Gum – Disney doesn’t sell gum, so if you want some, you have to bring your own!

These People All Spent $8

These People All Spent $8

 6. Fan/Mister – If you are going to the parks during an exceptionally hot time of year, you may want to bring one of these guys, or spend a fortune on the ones they have in the park. I’ve never personally used these, but see a ton of people with them!

 7. Poncho/Umbrella – I like to buy the disposable ponchos from a dollar store before my trip and shove a couple for each person in my party in my bag. They don’t take up a ton of room. You’ll be wishing you had one when it downpours and you have to make the decision to buy an $8 Disney one.

 8. Charger, extra batteries, extra memory card, etc. – Any accessory you might need to charge or have extra storage for your phone, laptop, cameras, etc.!

 9. Extra socks – in case they get unexpectedly wet and you need to change them more often than you think!

 10. Laundry Detergent – Disney resort hotels have laundry services on property, but you may also decide to wash certain things in your hotel sink!

Fanny Pack

I Might Regret Showing This

 11. Cash – for tipping, or just to have.

 12. A Fanny Pack/Small Backpack – Disney allows bags on rides, as long as they are secured to you or fit in a compartment in the ride vehicle. Yes, some people hate fanny packs with a passion, but I gotta say, I’d rather have one of those than wear a shoulder strap all day weighing down on my shoulders! A small backpack is ideal here too, for carrying anything you need with you in the parks: snacks, cameras, water, etc.

 Of course some things you might forget at home can be purchased on Disney property (or just a short drive away if you brought your own car, or rented one), but some examples of things you can buy on property include: Tylenol, Aspirin, etc., band-aids, toothpaste/brushes, feminine products, bathing suits, Disney clothing/shoes, sunscreen, disposable film cameras, autograph books, stamps, . WDW hotels also have complimentary shampoo, conditioner, and lotion in the room, as may the other resorts around the world!

 I’ll likely post another list of things to pack, but, in the meantime, are there any items you always bring that others might not think of? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Angie Carreiro


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  1. Colonel Brad

    Nice picture ;P
    I’m often curious about the availability of alcohol while vacationing (and whether or not I should pack my own.)
    I found that there is a pool-side bar at the All-Star resorts and the prices are are moderately high for drinks; but you will find in the gift-shop some very reasonably priced bottles for sale.

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