Disney Trip Planning: Talk to Cast Members

Cast Member

I’m guilty of being too shy to strike up conversations with a stranger, but the Cast Members at Disney parks are some of the best people to talk to! Let’s take a few steps back before I really get going with this subject, because if you are new to Disney parks, you might not know that Disney park employees are actually called Cast Members! Yes, a “cast member” is defined as an actor performing in some sort of production, and it’s no mistake that Disney calls its employees by that same term! The idea is that when they are working with guests, they are on stage playing a part! A Disney theme park is supposed to be one big production! If you visit the parks, you will notice all of the Cast Members working the rides, carts, restaurants, etc. are in “costumes.” There are a few reasons you should take some time to chat with Disney Cast Members:

Find out a little Disney history– Cast Members who are fellow Disney fans tend to know a lot about the company! They love to share their stories, but probably won’t until you ask! Some newer additions to the Cast Member team might not know as much as those who are clearly working there because of their Disney-love, but it’s easy to tell who’s ready to take some time to chat with you and who is just wishing their work day was over!

Find out some Disney secrets– I’d be weary of some of these stories. Sometimes bus drivers throw out tidbits of information which end up being big lies! I’m not sure if they are just messing with the guests or if they themselves really think their story is true.

Learn more about the parks and/or get advice– If you ever have a question, the Cast Members are always super friendly and helpful!

Cast Member

Just to “make their day”– I’ve never worked as a Disney Cast Member, but I can only assume it is not an easy job! So many people to deal with, crying babies, angry dads, it’s hot and humid or cold and rainy… Ay-Yi-Yi! And they just smile through it all. How many hours a day or week do you think they work? They really do work hard and if you start a friendly conversation with them, it’ll be sure to put a bright spot in their day, and in yours!

 To say “thank you”– This is my favorite one. Sometimes I get all Disney-fairy-tale-sappy and this is a time when that comes out. It’s great to be able to say “thank you” when you notice one of the Disney Cast Members has done something especially nice for someone, or even if you just notice they have a happy face put on for the sake of making the guests (you) happy, too!

 If you browse around on the online Disney fan forums and type in “cast members” as a search, you will find all kinds of stories of excellent service and Disney secrets and history they’ve shared with guests who decided to talk to them! You should take that time to talk to them, too!

Angie Carreiro


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