Top 5: Reasons I Not-So-Secretly Want to be Jose Carioca

Jose Carioca

Just standing there he is so cool!

If you are unfamiliar with Jose Carioca, he is the Brazilian parrot friend of Donald Duck who originally appeared in Saludos Amigos, which I recently reviewed. He also appears in the Three Caballeros and makes several appearances in other films and television shows. He also appears, along with the other two caballeros in Epcot’s Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico pavilion. He is somewhat of a forgotten character considering the films he was in are from the 1940s and he doesn’t fall into the category of a pirate or a princess. So what makes him so awesome? Tons of things. I’ve always loved the character and now, not so secretly, here are my top 5 reasons I want to be just like Jose Carioca.

5-He Can Dance. There is nothing sadder than me dancing. Well, that’s not true. Unicorns dying or small children crying in line for It’s a Small World are sadder, but other than that, there is nothing. Jose is suave. He has the rhythm of the city down, and in Rio he knows how to dance to any song that comes his way. All the ladies want to dance with him. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dance with a green talking parrot doing the rumba right? Seriously, dancing is like a superpower and I don’t have that skill. I wish Jose was around to teach me.

Jose  at Walt Disney World

Look at that dapper fellow wandering Disney World

4-A Musical Umbrella. One of the great things about cartoons is that anything is possible. Such is the case with Jose Carioca’s musical umbrella. He uses it, not only as a cane, but as a guitar and a flute. How do I get my hands on one of these umbrellas. I’m a pretty decent guitar player, but tons of people are these days. However, nobody is playing an umbrella as a musical instrument. I bet that’s an act Vegas has never seen! I don’t know how to play the flute either, but if I had that umbrella, I could definitely learn.

3-Suave and Charming. Like previously mentioned, Jose is suave, not just because of his dancing abilities or his magical powers to play the umbrella. He has a sense about him that is adventurous and charming, while not being anyone you’d want to fear. Meeting Jose for the first time, he’d probably put you at ease before rushing you off to see a samba band play and having a delicious dinner. If you are a lady, I’m sure you’d fall right into his trap and be quite alright with that. For me, I can barely talk to a woman without feeling like I’ve done something wrong already….or landing in the middle of the friend zone.

2. He Lives in Rio De Janeiro. Out of all the places in the world, Rio De Janeiro in Brazil is one of my destination vacations. I know it isn’t Walt Disney World, but it does have some cool stuff. I’m a sucker for history and Rio definitely has a great history. The streets are works of art in and of themselves. Christ the King sits atop a hill. The beautiful music coming out of cafes. Plus the coffee! Oh sweet wonderful coffee. For jose, that’s the place he calls home. It’s an artist’s paradise and many people who vacation there end up living there. I’d better start learning more Porteuguese if I want to live there but it would be awesome to say I live there. Maybe Jose needs a roommate!

You're no Jose Carioca! Get out of here Charlie Sheen!

You’re no Jose Carioca! Get out of here Charlie Sheen!

1. A Stylish Dresser. I’m a fan of men’s fashion. Not in the sense that I am going to runway shows, but in the way that I like to dress up. I’m not much of a t-shirt guy. (Speaking of which, we now have shirtst! Visit the Modern Mouse store and get yours!) I really like a nice button down shirt, a tie, and a vest. It’s something I just grew into and I have to say, Jose Carioca is a stylish dresser. Call it hipster or whatever you want, but I’d gladly wear what he’s got and I be ladies would come running. I’m just saying! Now if only I could get down all of the other parts, things would be complete and I’d be ready for a night on the town in Rio. I can dream can’t I?

What are your thoughts on Jose Carioca? Are you familiar with the character? Where did you first see him? Love him? Hate him? Don’t care? Leave your comments below and until next time my friends, adios.

Josh Taylor


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