Disney Trip Planning: Drink Lots of Water

Water Bottle

Of course, bring a Disney water bottle.

Sure everyone PLANS on drinking a lot of water throughout the day when you’re at Disney, but we are so distracted by fun that by 3pm most of us are saying, “Gee golly, am I ONE exhausted prince/princess!” You, then you realize the only thing you’ve sipped on all day was that pre-park Sanka and lunch-accompanying fizzy soda. That just wont cut it during a Disney vacation, because if you’re lacking hydration, then you are going to turn into a certain dwarfish man with a silly pointy hat and a bad attitude! Yes, I am telling you that you are going to be a big cranky-pants, just like Grumpy!

Remember how much everyone hated THAT guy…..yeah, don’t be like that.

I’ve only seen one person pass out in my life and it was due to dehydration. This is serious stuff people. And would you guess this incident happened in line for Splash Mountain!? (Apparently the guy that Josh and Keith discuss in this episode had the exact opposite problem…) Ok, so maybe for you it wont ever reach the point of losing consciousness, but your body’s thirst can sneak up on you and unfortunately come in the form of headaches, exhaustion, and sluggish-ness. Frankly, it could ruin your vacation, and everyone you’re with will make note not to invite you to anymore Disney resorts with them the next time around! This means: not drinking water = no more Disney! And, no more Disney = no more fun ever again! (Aren’t you lucky you are reading this post and know that, now?)

So, right now you’re asking, “Angie, I know I have to drink water in Disney, now that you’ve shared your secrets with us, but how do I go about doing this?!” Oh, do I have some great answers for you, my friends!

1. Buy a Brita or Bobble water bottle- They come in different sizes (to fit easily in your bag) if you search online, and lots of department and sports stores sell them. They are water bottles with filters, which effectively cut out that awful taste that Disney drinking water fountains seem to spit out. I always fill mine at the hotel food court with ice and cold water, and sip on it while waiting in line for an attraction or walking around the parks, then refill throughout the day in the parks!

All of these characters aren't getting invited back to Disney because they didn't drink enough water last time.

All of these characters aren’t getting invited back to Disney because they didn’t drink enough water last time.

2. Ask for a cup of water- Any restaurant in Disney is required to give you a complimentary (free) cup of ice water, if they have the means to! You can just pop in to a counter service location or food cart pretty quickly, then you just have to ask for one!

3. Drink from the bubbler/drinking water fountains- The water from these guys isn’t always cold and the water from the ones in Walt Disney World tastes like butt (so try to plan ahead and go with my number 1 suggestion), but in the case of dehydration, you must resort to this if there is no other way!

4. Water bottles- They’ll cost you a small fortune, but Disney parks sell pre-bottled water (like Dasani, Poland Springs, etc.) to purchase in gift shops and restaurants!

If you make a point to stay hydrated throughout the day in the parks you are really going to see a difference, especially if you’ve never paid attention to it before! You will see that you are less sluggish/crabby by the end of the day, and ultimately this is going to improve your Disney vacation!

Angie Carreiro


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  1. Brian McDowell

    Good ideas. Also, my kids like to add some flavoring from a little Mio container. Whatever we can do to keep the kiddies hydrated is fine by me. Thanks.

  2. Such a good idea Brian! Wish I would’ve thought of that!

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