Top 5: After Ever After Stories

Last week, a video broke out of YouTube and went viral like crazy. Jon Cozart’s “After Ever After” song is about what happens when the camera stops rolling (or the animators stop drawing) and what these Disney characters encounter in their next stop in life. What makes the video great is John’s use of Disney tunes, topical lyrics, and simple but effective video tricks. (If you haven’t see it HERE!) Because of this, I’ve been contemplating some of my own after ever after ideas for Disney characters. What happened to these beloved fairy tales and where would they end up if they lived in the real world? Well, luckily for you I thought this out and I bring to you my top 5 after ever after stories.


5-Mowgli. It is my belief that after entering the village and living with his own people for several years, Mowgli grows up to become an animal trainer. He works with animals, being somewhat of a “whisperer” and eventually opens up a local zoo in India where it thrives due to daily shows put on by his animal friends. Somewhat of a scheme, but also the honest relationship between a boy and his animal friends, he thrives and becomes the richest man in India. From there he becomes the evil he despised most and ends up giving away his zoo and running off back to the jungle to live with his friends in his loin cloth.

4-Wendy Darling. This is a difficult one because I’m such a lover of Hook and want to take it that route, but I won’t do that. Instead I would cast Wendy into a situation as a novelist. She writes about her adventures in Neverland and becomes a best selling author. Her stories become best sellers and after a few years are bought and turned into films. (Is this too meta?) Eventually several large entertainment companies vie for the rights to build an amusement park around Neverland and Wendy reaps all of the benefits as one of London’s top celebrities.


3-Cruella De Ville. After Cruella’s chase ends in a terrific car crash and the 101 dalmations get away from her, she ends up back at her home in London pondering other ideals. She decides that instead of collecting fur, she should sell fur. She hires the coats to be made at a small sweatshop somewhere in the middle east. Using her previous riches, she opens a boutique shop in London and continues to make millions, establishing herself as a rich business woman. Then PETA shows up and threatens her store and her riches. They accuse her of using children to make her coats and take her to court for her unconventional business practices. She ends up losing everything she owns and is thrown in jail after being found guilty for child labor laws.

2-Grumpy. Still grumpy. Not a big story here. All of the other dwarfs despise him but keep him around because he is a hard worker.


1-Genie. After being freed from his lamp, Genie flees the scene of our story and ends up in New York City. Why you ask? He becomes a top tour bus guide and stand up comedian. His multiple personality disorder and quick wit shine, making him an attraction in himself and people lineup to get a tour of New York from the one and only Genie of the Lamp. From his tours, he is hired by television executives to host a week night talk show. He compares to Conan O’Brien and gets buzz and one of the best talk show hosts of all time, doing impressions of nearly anyone.

So what do you think? I took some of my favorite characters and put them in the list. I could have really chosen any characters, but I thought these in particular would be fun. Do you have a favorite from this list? Would you rather come up with your own story? What are your thoughts on the Ever After Ever idea and the Jon Cozart video? Leave your comments and thoughts below and let be sure to check out Jon’s video and tell him who sent you! I’ll see you all after ever after.

Josh Taylor


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  1. Arthur from “The Sword and the Stone” would lead to a fun “after ever after” story, but too bad that everybody knows what happens to him after, lol!

    What happens to Oliver or Fagin after “Oliver & Company” is probably a good choice too!

  2. Mulan, my personal Disney fave, would be a great “woman continuing to break the normal Chinese ideals of females” alongside her studmuffin bf of course, who clearly continues to adore her! ♡ it. Haha.

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