Top 5: Celebrities Who Need Jiminy Cricket As A Guide

Last week I sat and rewatched one of the Disney classics I hadn’t seen in quite a long time. Pinocchio was actually a very pleasing film to watch again and it got me thinking about who else could use a conscience. Of course my brain works in maddening ways that is too difficult to explain in a single article, but it led me to thinking about celebrities of the modern era and show could use a Jiminy Cricket push. So without much more of an intro, here are my top 5 celebrities who need Jiminy Cricket as their guide.

Gary Busey

5-Gary Busey. I saw a commercial for the All-Star edition of Celebrity Apprentice the other day and came to wonder how and when Gary Busey lost his way. The answer is copious amounts of drugs and a long time ago. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I heard the name Gary Busey and thought anything positive was going to come from it. Busey is a former Academy Award nominee for best actor when he played the role of Buddy Holly in the Buddy Holly Story and has also been in several classic films like Lethal Weapon, Point Break, and The Firm. I mean, this was a serious movie actor with some great qualities. Then he was involved in a motorcycle accident where he wasn’t wearing a helmet. He could have definitely used Jiminy at that point, but none-the-less he survived and continued on down a road filled only with B-movies and punchlines that end with his name. It’s a sad state of affairs as he has been arrested multiple times for drug possession, domestic violence, and countless other crimes. His latest role has been the insane former actor on Donald Trump’s show, and despite his antics, NBC is making money off of his tom foolery so they continue to bring him back so he can make himself look even worse. Seriously, get this man a talking cricket immediately. Better yet, let’s travel back to the mid-1980s in our DeLorean and find him a cricket there when Busey still had a promising career.

4-Lindsay Lohan. A former Disney star gone bad, Lindsay Lohan has been the epitome of bad choices. What was once a promising career for a young actress trying to mature out of her Disney phase became an out of control nightmare. Lohan has been in and out of court more times than anyone can count. She has lied in court about her film schedule and drug use, as well as continues to miss court dates that she is scheduled for. The Blue Fairy would be very disappointed and with as many lies as she has told, her nose would be the size of a redwood if you cut it down. (Don’t cut down the redwoods though.) On top of that, she has found herself in and out of rehab just as often as she is in and out of court. She should have stayed with her old Disney pal Jiminy and this would have never happened. Of course, I can partially blame some of her madness on her parents, but as someone who is 26 years old, I think it’s about time to stop blaming her parents and start blaming her own personal problems.


3-Rihanna. A surprising pick, but I think for good reason. At age 24, Rihanna has an extremely good future ahead of her, but only if she goes down the right path. Like Pinocchio meeting Honest John, Rihanna tends to find herself hanging out with the wrong crowd, aka Chris Brown, and falling completely in love. Now, I have to say, like most people, felt sorry for Rihanna when she was first attacked by Brown a few years back. The two split and she seemed better off for doing so in the long run. She had success on her own and should have listened to her personal Jiminy Cricket about continuing along that path. Unfortunately love, or whatever feelilng I try to often tell myself doesn’t exist, gets in the way sometimes and brings people back. For Rihanna, that meant hooking up with former domestic violence case Chris Brown. I also am not one to say that people don’t deserve second chances, but in this case I think Rihanna was better off. Only time will tell if this is her downfall or not, but it does seem to me that this has potential to ruin her career, and at such a young age. Rihanna, find your cricket and listen to him!

2-The Vast Majority of U.S. Politicians. Seriously, can we turn on the nightly news and not see a political scandal for once. At a time when politicians need to focus on what’s a stake for a changing American society, what we end up with is a mix of prostitution, drug use, and racism I only thought existed in the film Beloved. Can we not elect government officials that are straight laced anymore, or do those even exist. The sad note here is that if these people had a conscience, Americans could be better off and decisions could be made at a quicker pace. When scandals happen in Washington D.C., they impact us all in the sense that the real issues get pushed to the side and are not resolved. I won’t push this topic any further, as I’m not one to talk politics on my own Disney site but you get the message.

charlie sheen

1-Charlie Sheen. Has there ever been someone so misguided in life. As an actor, Charlie Sheen has played some major roles. As a personality, Charlie Sheen is off his rocker. Growing up in a family of actors is a strange ordeal, so I understand how Sheen could be a bit off kilter, but off kilter doesn’t describe him at all. (Epcot reference for those of you who caught it.) Name it and Sheen has been there and done it. Domestic Violence..check. Drug use…check. Alcoholism…check. Serious meltdown…check. So where did he go wrong? I don’t think anyone can pinpoint that exact moment, but starting in the early 1990s, it seemed like this trainwreck was doomed. Despite himself, he continues to land big roles and make money, but eventually all of his partying habits will catch up to him. Pleasure Island’s fun can only last so long. Jiminy needs to get to him to change his ways before he ends up dead in a gutter somewhere.

What other celebrities need a conscience like Jiminy Cricket? Leave your thoughts and comments down below. As always, thank you guys and I will see you soon.

Josh Taylor


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