Modern Mouse Radio #10: Armchair Imagineers w/Nate Parrish

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Since Matt Parrish was our first guest on Armchair Imagineers back in November, I saw it only fitting to invite the his older brother, Nate, onto the show this week. We tackle a harder challenge this week in Armchair Imagineering. This time around we are getting rid of the Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland and building a brand new hotel in it’s place. Here are the rules we played by if you want to follow along:

1. You have an unlimited budget.
2. You are restricted to the small space Paradise Pier sits on.
3. You can include exterior, interior, lobby, rooms, shops, etc…
4. Be Prepared for follow up questions and comments.

We hope you enjoy this episode as we had a blast making it. Feel free to leave your comments on our hotel designs.

Be sure to check out Nate Parrish and his brother at

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