Top 5: Awesome Limited Time Magic Events (I Just Made Up!)

Before anyone goes crazy bananas on this post and starts drooling or puking depending on if you favor any of these ideas, let me inform you that nothing discussed in this Top 5 is real. Speculation? Partially, but it was only due to some critical thinking and not something I’ve heard in the rumor mill or have seen anywhere. With that being said, I had a good time coming up with days, weeks, or months or Limited Time Magic celebrations.

If you are unfamiliar with Limited Time Magic, it is this current year’s Disney Parks celebration. Disney is putting together miniature special events that can only be seen at the parks for a limited time. It’s a chance for Disney to not only stay in the limelight all year long with announcements of events, but also gives them a chance to see what works and what doesn’t for the future. So here are my top 5 awesome Limited Time Magic events that I just made up.

Super Star Wars Weekend

5-Super Star Wars Weekends. I’ve always been slightly excited for Star Wars weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I’m not even a big Star Wars fan, but I get swept up in the adventure. The unfortunate reality is Disney announces the Star Wars celebrities for their weekends every year and I always feel a bit let down. I don’t watch The Clone Wars so I’m unfamiliar with that cast and the awesome celebrities from the new and original Star Wars never seem to be on the list. I’m not downplaying any of the folks they get every year. I love Ray Park and he has been gracious enough to be there many years and I’m sure many of the voice talents from The Clone Wars have a decent following. I’m simply asking where Mark Hamill is? Natalie Portman? Samuel L. Jackson? Frank Oz would even be cool, especially if he did an interview in the Yoda voice. These types of things should happen, so why not have a Super Star Wars Weekends. Disney now owns the property and with a film on the way in 2014, what better marketing campaign then a large summer celebration this year? Harrison Ford cracking jokes, Natalie Portman judging a costume contest, Mark Hamill doing Jedi Academy with kids, and Billy Dee Williamsjust being good ol’ Billy Dee! That includes drinking a Colt .45.

4-Extra Magic Hour for Everyone. Sometimes the simplest of ideas work. If you’ve ever stayed at a Disney resort, you know you get extra magic hour with your package. Extra magic hour is a chance for resort guests to stay or arrive an hour earlier than the non-Disney resort guests. So let’s keep it simple and give this opportunity to everyone. Maybe stay open an extra 2 hours. I forbid them to stay open all night, because last year’s One More Disney Day had to be hard on cast members and guests alike. Take a time period where it’s a bit slower like early-May and push a campaign giving everyone an extra few hours at the parks, and I bet you’ll see the numbers of guests go up from previous years at the same time.

Late Night Jungle Jam

3-Late Night Jungle Jam. Looking at a resort map, you’d find that the Animal Kingdom park closes much earlier than the rest of the Walt Disney World parks. That’s because the park likes to keep their animals happy and in a routine. There have been exceptions to the rule with things like the 5K scavenger hunt or other various one-off events. I propose we give Animal Kingdom later hours for 2 weeks during the summer months. This will keep guests from flocking to other areas of the resort and overcrowding there. You’d be able to shut down Kilimanjaro Safaris and other animal related attractions, while showcasing Expedition Everest or Kali River Rapids. I would also invision a large dance party somewhere like Dinoland U.S.A. or even the Oasis, giving the late night crowd a cool and lush backdrop, while being able to party and enjoy something they wouldn’t ever get at Animal Kingdom.

2-Hollywood Halloween Nights. I’ve said this before on Twitter: Disney needs to rival Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. They get the families with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, but I’m shocked they haven’t tried to move something to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I know they had previous plans, but Christmas decorations are being put up at that time, but I think taking a week off from decorations, adding some fog machines, and creating a horror filled park at night would make Disney a few dollars. This is also a great excuse to bring back the Monster Sound Show in the now defunct Sounds Dangerous theater. It’s where the old show used to be anyways.

Fantasy Faire Princess Ball

1-Fantasy Faire Princess Ball. I’ll admit this is a bit girly, but this could be a great celebration at Disneyland and Walt Disney World when the Fantasy Faire areas open at both parks. Since seeing Enchanted, I was always curious how a Ball would workout in modern times. I’d imagine this as a hard-ticket event running a few weekends throughout Autumn.There would be dinner, classical music, and princesses dancing with their princes. Bring your date and dance along with Aurora and Philip from Sleeping Beauty. Have appetizers with Cinderella. Dress the part or show up in your contemporary best.For young and young at heart, I see this experiece as truly unique, romantic, and memorable beyond any hard-ticket event I could think of. Do it Disney! Do it!

Like these ideas or not? Let me know. Leave your thoughts, ideas, concerns, critiques, etc…in the comments. As always, thanks for the read and until next time.

Josh Taylor
Twitter: @ModernMouseJosh


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  1. I suggest that you take that idea on the Fair Princess and Prince Ball and make it a reality. The DRC could sell that ticket as a promotion in one of there packages.

  2. I meant to say -Fantasy Faire Princess Ball.

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