Sneak-Peek-Sunday: Limited Time Magic

It seems to have become a tradition around the latter months of the year. The Disney Company announces a new type of celebration for the Disney Parks. Sometimes the celebrations are for monumental achievements like Disneyland’s 50th anniversary, sometimes it’s just for fun, like this year’s One More Disney Day event. Regardless of what the celebration is for, we all should understand that Disney usually gives us plenty of time to prep and plan our vacations for the year…well, except this coming year.

Disney announced a 12 month celebration starting in January titled Limited Time Magic. For anyone unclear with the concept, Limited Time Magic refers to doing smaller celebrations or events one week at a time. Different themes each and every week will take over the parks, allowing repeat guests or annual passholders the chance to participate in something new which I really like. On the flip side of this, guests who don’t frequent the parks as much but would like to take part in the special event won’t really know what event is happening until the week they are there. At least, thats what came across through the announcement made earlier this month.

On Oct. 17th a three story ice castle was erected in Times Square in New York City for the announcement of Limited Time Magic. The castle, obviously melting, will only be available to see in Times Square for a limited time so it fit into the announcment perfectly. As far as what we can look forward to in the coming year is still up in the air. There are obvious weekly celebrations around Valentine’s Day like “True Love” week or around July 4th with “Independence” week, but other ideas thrown out were not so clear. “Pirate” week and “Long Lost Friends” week were announced but weren’t given clear dates. That spells trouble for guests looking to get a phot taken with Clarabelle Cow during “Long Lost Friends” week. How will we know when to book these vacations or should we just go along for the ride?

Truly I am playing devil’s advocate here. The celebrations, although interesting concepts, may not even effect those who are at the parks for the first time or not knowing about the celebration. These events seem large enough to please the annual passholders and locals, but don’t seem to intrude on those who just want to enjoy the parks as they are any other time. Will park guests pick up on whats happening? Most likely so, but will they wish they picked a different time to come to Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Probably not.

I do hope that Disney does deliver a schedule well in advance for these weekend celebrations, giving us a clear view and choice of what we can choose to see from this coming year’s celebration!

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  1. I am in total agreement with you. Interesting concept, but challenging for many visitors

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