Sneak-Peak-Sunday: Celebrate the Magic

(Editor’s Note: I apologize for not having a mid-week article. Between starting a new job and WordPress being down on Wednesday and Thursday, I was unable to get a new article up, but I have it ready to go for this week, meaning that the regular schedule of articles posted on Wednesdays and Sundays will resume this week. Apologies to anyone looking forward to reading this week.)

Let’s be honest, if you knew about it, you were at bit skeptical when Disney announced “The Magic, Memories, and You” projection show for Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Why a projection show with family photos? What’s with the cheese ball name? How long is this going to last? All of those questions were asked before Disney even had a preview of the show. Luckily for us, we were all wrong. Yes, the name still stuck, which grew on me, but the show was magnificent.

Debuting in January 2011, The Magic, Memories, and You was an add-on to the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland’s already great evening lineup. If you were at Walt Disney World, SpectroMagic would be immediately followed by this projection show, which would be immediately followed by the Wishes fireworks show. Over at Disneyland, the Magic, Memories, and You was presented on the Mary Blair facade of It’s A Small World, a completely different experience than at the Magic Kingdom. The show has had some great additions as well for holidays and season changes, including turning the castle or facade into one big candy cane for Christmas. With a solid year and a half behind the show, whats next for the out-of-nowhere-smash-hit projection show? It’s changing competely.

The Magic, Memories, and You will be presented for the last time on September 3rd at both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom parks. The Magic Kingdom will gain a new show called Celebrate the Magic. The show will have a completely new soundtrack and some extra special effects. Favorite projections from the previous show will be intertwined with other new projections. So why the big fuss about this show? Well, the unfortunate news is that the Magic Kingdom will be starting the new show in November, but the show will not come to Disneyland, at least for now. It’s A Small World will change over to it’s Holiday facade starting in November, meaning there isn’t room for the show and there isn’t time to find a new home for it.

Beyond a big name change, which was much needed, there isn’t much else to report here. We will all have to be patient to see what happens down in Florida. I’m very sad that the Disneyland version is kicking the can, but with all of the hype over at Disney’s California Adventure, I can see why Disneyland will be okay without this show. It will be missed for now, and I hope it returns to the Small World facade after the holidays are over.

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