Sneak-Peek-Sunday: Mad T Party

Just as Walt Disney had said of Disneyland, this blog will always be changing, adding new and better things for the future as I do think that there is so much to cover, this blog will never be finished. Maybe a horrible comparison to Walt’s famous words but I don’t care. Monday Memories has been sidelined for something else a bit fresher and unique. Yes, this is a website called Disney Park History so for the most part, we have looked at the past of Disney Parks, but I always stay tuned to podcasts and the official Parks blog for the upcoming new attractions that are coming to the parks. Disney always has something new coming, whether it be a brand new boat joining the cruise ship line or something like a counter service restaurant overlay. The point here is, there is enough content to cover, not only of the history and background of the parks, but also what is new and exciting at the parks. So Sundays are now dedicated to the new or relatively new attractions, shows, restaurants, etc… at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. For my first week on duty talking about what’s next, I wanted to pick something of huge interest for me and that’s the rethemed dance party and California Adventure that launches this month called the Mad T Party.

With so much coming to and changing at the California Adventure park this coming June 15th, 2012, it is easy to get excited about the Disneyland Resort and a summer vacation to the Anaheim area. Cars Land has shot to the top of everyone’s must see list, but let us not forget some of the other great things coming to Disney’s California Adventure like the new rethemed night time dance party called Mad T Party, which stands for Techno…or Trance….or something else.

As a musician, one of the things I love most about the Disneyland resort is the abundance of live music. You don’t get that at Walt Disney World as much unless you are really looking for it, but at Disneyland it just seems to always be there. Whether you are talking about the Dapper Dans on Main Street or the three piece Jazz group playing in New Orleans square. There is always a sense of live music everywhere you are at Disneyland. However, Disneyland has always been much more conservative with music, but it really has to be. Appealing to a family friendly environment and staying true to the themes of each land, it is difficult for contemporary music to make it’s way into the Disneyland park. It has been done before, most notably in Tomorrowland or in Carnation Plaza, but typically a more relevant style of music isn’t heard in the Disneyland Park, so when California Adventure brought ElecTRONica to the table a few years ago, I was astonished and excited.

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not a huge dance club person, nor have I ever been, however I very much like the tourist destination club far more than the local city clubs and they have more people and usually a better atmosphere. With ElecTRONica you had both. Tons of people visit the Disneyland resort each day, so why not invite them into a huge dance party, not only that, but a great theme party with lasers everywhere. ElecTRONica was a brilliant idea on Disney’s part. It was cheesy, it was hokey, and it wasn’t necessarily kid friendly, but that is okay. It was the true club goers atmosphere. Cocktails, loud techno, beaming lights, and lots of people dancing together. So, when Disney announced ElecTRONica was ending, I hoped they would just be overlaying a new theme and not killing the idea for good. I was right, and to boot, they picked the perfect theme. The Mad T Party fits perfectly with a new crop of younger folks who saw the Tim Burton film or have watched Once Upon a Time (The Hatter is by far the best character in the show.) and it appeals to an older generation who love the cartoon and know the bright colors and interesting characters, not to mention the already acid trip theme that goes along with the story. Disney took techno to a whole new level with this. (The DJ is the White Rabbit) A dance party where all of the staff are from Wonderland and the drinks are all named to the story. With the Tweedle twins watching the entrance as bouncers, this looks to be fun right from the get go.

Beyond the cool open air rave atmosphere in the Hollywoodland Backlot area, the Mad T Party is one-upping ElectTRONica by having a live band as well, with the Mad Hatter and Alice as duel lead vocals in front of a giant screen that essentially vibrates with the music. With the band playing top 40 hits, this keeps park guests, who don’t care for the thumping of the latest Dubstep record, in the area to sing along to the songs they like on the radio. Another craze sweeping the nation in the past few years have been the “Dance Crews” and the T Party seems to have that covered as well with playing cards and other characters putting on performances nightly.

This reinvention of the dance party at California Adventure is at the top of my To Do list and I look forward to being part of the dancing and singing in the years to come. For now, I hope this satisfies your appetite. See you all midweek for another history lesson here at Disney Park History. Until then, keep dancing.

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  1. This so cool! I haven’t heard about this yet!

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