Monday Memories (2/6/12)

Author: Jennifer Delmont

In my last trip to Disney World, the thing that I loved the most was having breakfast at the Royal Table with my 3 1/2 year old daughter. She got to wear her own beautiful Belle dress so she felt like one of her favorite princesses. She had her picture taken with Cinderella before we got seated at our table. In my daughters eyes these are the REAL princesses, she doesn’t get that they are just dressing up. The look on her face was so amazing. She felt so special getting to meet Cinderella in Cinderellas castle.

When we were seated at our table there were 3 more princesses she was able to meet and get her picture taken with. First was Princess Aurora, then  Belle, and last was Snow White. Snow White was actually supposed to be off but our waiter asked if my daughter had gotten the chance to meet her yet and we said no, so he went over and asked her to come over to our table. She did and she was so sweet and sat down with us for a couple minutes.

I am definitely going to go to Disney World again and I will do breakfast at the royal table again. Everyone there was so nice and it was very enjoyable for not only my 3 1/2 year old but for my husband, sister and myself.

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  1. What a lovely story.

    It’s been years ago that I have been to Disney World. No matter if you are a child or an adult … you can always have a great time there.

    Maybe next time I go, I get a chance to have breakfast at the Royal Table too 🙂


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