Monday Memories (1/16/12)

Adding content to a new blog in a niche like this is sometimes difficult, but with the idea of this being a history site and the caption to the site being “reliving fond memories of the past”, I see it only fitting to actually post memories, either from myself or others, from their visits to the Disney Parks whether it was yesterday or 50 years ago. All great stories are worth something and these Disney stories are no different, so I hope you enjoy this new idea I am adding to the blog, and I hope to see others contribute.

Author: Josh Taylor

The best trip I have ever taken was to California in the summer of 2005 with my best friend Ryan Stanton. At this point, I had already become a “Disney geek”, but this trip was radically different than any other I had before it. This was the first time I went on vacation without a parent or guardian, it was just myself and a friend on a road trip from Denver to Anaheim and back. The trip itself was fantastic, but to me, one memory sticks out more than any.

On our last night at Disneyland, before departing back to Denver the next morning, we got lucky. We were able to get in line for Space Mountain right before closing, which the rules at Disneyland state that if you are in line when the park closes they will allow you to wait in line and ride that last attraction before leaving. Of course, this was right after Space Mountain had reopened with great new music and effects so the line was pretty long, even at 11:59pm. We were literally the last “space ships” to depart that evening after waiting in line for about an hour.

After our final attraction of the trip, we made out way out of Tomorrowland, into the hub and down Main Street U.S.A. Both my friend and I had noticed that we were one of the last visitors in the park that day and it had to be close to 1:30am while we were walking towards the exit. I felt the warmth of the air and stopped myself from walking because I knew that if I turned around, there would be nothing between myself and that castle at the end of the street.

I was as giddy as a school girl, and trust me, thats not a pretty thing to see coming from me. As I made that turn to see the castle, I noticed that, because people were still in the park, the lights were still lit everywhere. Not a single bulb turned off. I looked at that castle for what felt like minutes. It was just the castle and me, in all of its pink and blue glow. I couldn’t pay for a better shot, and I didn’t even think to see if I had a camera or not. It was too overwhelming for that kind of thought, in fact, I was too overwhelmed to have any thoughts at all.

In that moment, I knew I was hooked for life. I would never relive that moment again, but I wanted to create bigger and better moments from then on. It’s truly how I got to where I am now, writing for this site as well as the WDW Radio site. I love it and couldn’t be more excited to see the memories I will create in the future.

(If you would like to contribute a memory of yours from any Disney park from around the world, please do so by emailing Please make sure to leave your name so I can post it up with your memory.)


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  1. Reading this entry made me re-live the overwhelming and beautifully chilling moments that I’ve had at Disneyland. Everyone has had that moment where you’re glued to the floor, simply staring and taking it in. Since my first time at Disneyland wasn’t until I was 26 years old, I had many of those moments, as everything was more magical that I could have ever imagined!

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